Kata Trom is a Hungarian designer based in Budapest whose work includes soul-centered interior desing, called Mind-Space-Method; the creation of individual neck-pieces and wall-pieces that seem to have a life of their own.

Her work is shows the sensitivity of traditional aesthetics, particularly the oriental empathy for transcendent material qualities.

The colors, light playing on various surfaces, and the different textures and materials have always held me spellbound: they have enticed me to take adventures beyond the visible. I have studied to become an art-historian, finding that my true passions were the applied arts, the spiritual quality emanating from the objects, and relationship between us and our living spaces.

I have lived years in Japan and Portugal, and spent months in India and the UK, and the time invested overseas has permitted my development in the integration of Western and Eastern traditions of interior design, allowing me to deepen my understanding of the interactions between a home and the people who live in it. The love and respect Eastern cultures have for objects and different materials became a part of me. It is this approach, rooted in tradition but recognizing the value in constant change toward the future, that I try to convey and share through my neck-pieces, wall-pieces and my work as an interior designer and teacher.

The biggest joy in my life is spending quality time with others: using a combination of different cultural and spiritual traditions, I help people to find the right place of things in their lives.