Our home is the projection of our inner world, yet it is much more than the reflection of our character, taste and outlook on life. The objects, colors and shapes around us relate back to us and have influence on the quality of our lives. One of the first steps toward a happy and fulfilling life is to create an environment that supports us and helps to deploy and live our values and aspirations. What we feel and think about the notion of a home varies according to age, and younger people tend not to see its significance. However, pondering over questions like the following will give one answers pointing way beyond interior design.
Do I like my home? Why do I like it? Do I have favorite places at home, and what do I do there? Do I like and use the furniture and articles that surround me regularly? When was the last time I looked into and cleaned the bottom drawer of the dresser?
The extensive and heart-felt answers to a list of helpful and challenging questions similar to the above give us a lead on looking at our “home” with a new eye, and to be present more consciously.
In such rare moments we can notice the sunlight shining through the leaves of a fern, or gleaming on a wind-chime made of shells. These moments lived whole-heartedly help to understand the essence of Spirit&Space-Work: if we live in an environment that resonates to our inner note, and have objects around us that we like - evoking good memories - our home is able to nurture and support us both in body and soul.