People seem to have an inherent need for a spiritual dimension, that is to spend some of their time in an invisible spiritual realm. This dimension – no matter how we name it, and irrespective of our religion or beliefs – allows everyone to have an experience of their unique spiritual-visual-ritual structure. This structure can show itself in the most diverse shapes and forms, yet we can find its optimal physical manifestation and place.

The Spirit&Space Wall-pieces give a kind of spiritual focus while serve as decorations for the home. These are the reflections of inner and outer journeys and adventures, allowing the soul and the creative associations to soar to the skies. Combining various papers and materials, and images from seemingly different ages, cultures and spiritual traditions the Spirit&Space Wall-pieces reveal the joy of the “eternal now” and endless time, and inspire the contemplation and introspection of the beholder. These may be the “home-altars” of today, simultaneously connecting us with our innermost being and the invisible universal qualities.