Excerpts from the book

„Have you ever pondered on what it takes to feel good somewhere? What does familiarity mean to you – both physically and emotionally? It is your personality and energy that conjures an empty space into a home (style, colors, choice of fabrics, arrangement). It takes some practice and sensitivity to realize that the true essence of a home is the space itself and its inherent potentials; while style and furniture are of secondary importance.”

„The new approach to space recognizes it as a unique agent, that is more complex than the connection between matter, light and shadow. What makes it even more interesting is that space can be marked out by something other than visible walls. Every day we experience spaces of different qualities. Many people feel challenged when they are asked to step into a circle formed by others. The quality within the circle of people is quite different from that around it. Similarly, when travelling one notices that people respect the connection between passengers and their luggage: no-one passes between a bag on the floor and its owner standing a few steps away, because they unconsciously sense the invisible connection through the space.”