• During the consultation/cooperation process regarding refurbishing or renovation, both aesthetic and practical elements of the redesign are paramount
  • The survey of the apartment/home
  • The arrangement or rearrangement of furniture to create an energetically harmonious and balanced space
  • Turning any disadvantages (in layout, shape of room, uneven wall structure or surface) into lovable features that give character to the space
  • Particular care is taken with healing the weak or ill parts of the living space (e.g. sharp edges, dark corners, insufficient lighting, cluttered or stagnant energies, unhappy or superfluous furniture etc.)
  • Planning and designing the new home, at all times remaining conscious of the energy of the living space (avoiding harmful or dead spaces for beds, minimizing electro-smog; use of natural fabrics and materials, applying harmonious and lively colors etc.)
  • Once-off or ongoing consultation and cooperation until the project is satisfactorily completed