Week-end workshop, Budapest

9:30 am – 16:30 pm
4 x 1,5 hours + lunch break / day

The workshop is more than an intensive course on interior design. I teach using the combination of different cultural and spiritual traditions, and help you to find the right place of things in your life.

The course is just right you if

  • you would like to know more about the secrets of creating an aesthetic home
  • you would like to know what your living space tells about you
  • you long for a home that truly reflects and supports you in every sense

During the course, through various interesting and practical methods of space and home analysis you will learn new aspects of self-knowledge.

I recommend the Spirit&Space-Work for everyone interested in interior design, self-knowledge, a conscious and balanced life, and the change of perspective and outlook on life.


1. How we experience and shape our living spaces

  • about the nature of space - space as a living being
  • the arrangement and relationship of the different spaces of the home
  • what turns a flat/house into a home

2. My living space and me

  • how we use and live our spaces
  • the importance and meaning of focal points in the home
  • what your home tells you about yourself

3. The symbolic meaning of colors and light

  • physical and emotional effects of colors
  • what color where in the home
  • creating the atmosphere of any space by colors and lighting

4. What is behind the scene: the energies behind form

  • magic and symbolism of kilim carpets and rugs
  • about the five elements
  • the energies of objects influence our mood and perception of a room

5. Creating different vibes and moods

  • what we notice first when we enter a home or any space
  • textiles and tiles set the style
  • the visual temperature of furnished rooms

6. My articles, home decor and me

  • what the objects around you can reveal about you and your relationships
  • the choice and use of furniture, personal objects and art in the home
  • about the way we use our objects and articles

7. Your home as a source of happiness

  • symbolic meaning of each room
  • from practical and aesthetical to a home that serves spiritual wellbeing
  • meeting unique and individual needs

+1 Planning or redesigning of your own home

  • home-analysis using your photos and layout
  • what would you change and why
  • making a home that allows your personality to grow